This is Family Benefit Scheme of IMAAP State and was Started in Hyderabad in the undivided state in 1990. The objective of the scheme is to help our Doctor colleagues family on the demise of a member doctor. With we will be helping our colleagues and finally our family will also benefit at some point of time.

In this, On the demise of a regular payee doctor member, All other doctor members will do Fraternity contribution and the collect amount and that will be given to the Family member of that doctor.

In this, the benefit amount depends directly proportional to the number of doctors in the scheme. If we have more members we can give much more amount.

Presently from December Bill on wards we expect to give approximately

Rs 6,00,000.00 to the Fraternity amount to the Family member. In 1990, the benefit amount was Rs 70,000.00.

We have an objective to make 5000 members and given Benefit amount to the tune of Rs 10,00,000.00 Ten Lakhs.